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    • Sabounjian, George, MD

      • Hospital: Adventist Health Glendale
      • Clinic:
      • Address: 10605 Balboa Blvd Ste 100 Granada Hills, CA 91344
      • Phone: (818) 243-8928
      • Fax: (818) 545-9401
      • Status:


Provider must be medical staff AND participate in a PPO as follows:

*(Except AMC-P Employees – AH Medical Staff directory participation indicates AH Level (includes HRNW & Medical Staff)


California Providers -


                   Blue Shield of California PPO     Click here for Blue Shield


Oregon and Washington Providers -


                   First Choice (PPO Level) for AMC-P Employees     Click here for First Choice

                   First Health for Tillamook, AH Corporate, and WHR Employees     Click here for First Health


All other States -


                   First Health     Click here for First Health

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